Friday, May 29, 2015

What's your survival skill? Thought so. Sorry.

What's your survival skill? Guns?

Hmm. Dang. You're just dead weight to us.

Before it's too late, I want to implore you to learn a useful survival skill. So many of the uber-prepared think that their prowess with firearms instantly qualifies them for a top-seed position in a survival commune.

I hate to break it to you but your gun skills are a dime-a-dozen, and without some supplemental skills, you are not hirable.

In reality, the basic survival skills that revolve around the gun, hunting, and general protection are a quick fix. Way too many folks are already walking around with plenty of firearm skills that are plenty good for most survival situations. Even surgeons, mechanics, engineers, and intellectuals of all stripes. In fact, some of my hunting buddies are both medical doctors (most with valuable specialities including cardiac surgery, podiatry and internal medicine) and extremely experienced hunters with worldly experience including their stints and training in military.

So if you think you can walk in to a World 2.0 with nothing more than your menial skills, having listened to a bunch of podcasts, and some serious range time, you can forget entry into any survival compound worth joining. Sorry, but you will just be more dead weight that needs care and feeding.

So, in the interest of reaching to the future, I suggest any of the following skills to add to your quiver of usefulness. Here's 10 for the road....

1. Medical experience, whether advanced first aid, EMT, nursing, midwifery or M.D.

2. Engineering. Or carpenter skills at the minimum. Mechanical engineering would be a nice asset as well.

3. Hydrology. Water management, filtering, and general water chemistry.

4. Farming, gardening, and food storage.

5. Plumbing and sewage management.

6. Energy production, transfer and storage.

7. Community leadership, public relations, and progressive political thought.

8. Constitutional law, legal logic, and practical current events knowledge.

9. Teaching, writing, and child care.

10. Finally, each successful survival group will have a spiritual leader. Whether conventional religion, or new 21st interpretations of what is good and right, everyone will need public guidance in the spiritual realm. Not the hate-filled stuff of today, but a positive message that will make the world a better place in the future.

So with little more to say, I hope you noticed that firearm expertise did not make the list if essential skills. In order to have value in the future, you must diversify your skillset. Guns alone will not make the cut. Guns are fun, yes, but true survival involves more than guns. And without more lines of skill on your resume than just guns, forget entry into future communities.

Why? Well, as noted before, gun knowledge is a dime-a-dozen. So move on down the road if that's all you've got to offer the community.

Carrry on.


  1. While you may think you do not need firearms experts you do need warfighters/gunfighters. In every collapse situation throughout history communities without professional warriors did not survive or were taken as slaves. Somehow thinking because you and your buddies go hunting and bag a deer once a year while setting in a stand drinking beer on a well travel animal trail somehow qualifies you is dangerous thinking. The military does not train someone to be a doctor and than stick them on the front line as a ground pounder for a reason. Without professional warriors your group would not survive the chaos after a collapse long enough to be around to help rebuild after thing stabilize again. So the bottom line is having the above skill pool is useless without a way to protect it without them doubling as warfighters, thus draining said skill pool through attrition by death as unskilled warfighters. No happy endings with your logic for sure!!!!

  2. One more thing where did the picture of the security guards come from? It is pretty funny!!!

  3. Warfighters are always an in. Got some wolves in my pack. But rarely does a service member, especially one with live experience have only one skill. My warning is to the hedge fund managers who played paintball and own an AR. Or the internet prepper type that equates ammo supply with future value.

    The pic was from one of my favorite mall ninja sites.

  4. Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding up, it sounded a little like a hippie communion at first!!! Haha