Sunday, May 17, 2015

BYOML: Bring Your Own Martial Law!

Pew. Pew. Pew. The Buck Stops Here.

An odd thing about many prepared folk is that they are confident that their homeland defenses will push any problems down the street. Sounds all fine and dandy, and receives loads of accolades from the doomsday prepper glitterati, but personally, I have a big problem with it. If someone is so prepared that their preemptive measures will ensure that the bad guys will seek a softer target, than they themselves are part of the problem.

You see, the value of prepping is being prepared. And being prepared is not just stockpiles of stuff and a brain full of survival wisdom, but also planning for the future. And planning also means acting upon those plans.

So now imagine that the SHTF has predictably turned to WROL. You activate your plan-A protection and the bad guys come out with the dark. At midnight your fortifications are tested by a trio of non-locals trying to make a quick score while the public defenses are down. Your search lights come on, you yell your warnings, and pump your 12 gauge with practiced authority. The criminals pause and assess the situation. After a moment they move back into the darkness.

But while you're gloating and patting yourself on the back, you neighbor is being robbed, raped and murdered by the same filth you let walk away. You get an A+ for saving your own butt, and an F for failing to address the real problem. Well Mr. Prepared, soon you will be the only one on your block still alive.

So when it truly is an SHTF, be a man and take out the trash. I don't care how you do it, but if you have a threat and you have a chance, then don't push problems downstream where they will only gain power and resources. The bad guys might have shown up on your doorstep weakly armed, but after knocking down a few more front doors, they are now fed, well armed, drunk on power, and back for you. What would have been an easy problem to solve yesterday is now a formidable challenge today.

So much for gloating.

I didn't say the decision would be easy, just that it would be obvious. Mobile threats must encounter immovable resistance. Unless you know with certainty that the threat is minor and will stay that way, I can guarantee that it will amplify to the point of war.

So if you really are prepared, 

then your first response 
should be their last. 


Bring your own Martial Law!

Carrry on.

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