Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fake Gold and Silver: Alchemy is alive and well in Prepperdom

One of the funniest things about Preppers hording gold and silver is that most preppers couldn't tell the difference between painted lead and real gold. Or aluminum coated iron and real silver.

Blame it on our educational system, or standardized testing, or whatever you want, but unless you know how to measure the density of irregular objects, you will be trading goods for fake precious metals.

Surprisingly, the topic at hand is taught somewhere between 7th and 11th grade. Measuring the volume and thus density of small odd shaped things is critical to knowing the true makeup of the material under investigation.

So if you don't how to measure the density of a material, yet alone the density of gold and silver, you better brush up on your scientific and mathematics skills, or folks like me will be trading you railroad spikes for food.

By the way, the density of gold is 19.31 grams per cubic centimeter, and silver is 10.501. I hope those numbers mean something to you. Your survival just might depend on it.

Carrry on.

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